I was recently at an event where I was asked by another attendee (who knew I operated in the fitness industry) a very thought provoking question:  “Can you motivate me?” he asked, and continued  “I really feel I need someone to motivate me, I feel like I have lost my motivation”

This provoked a fascinating conversation which I would like to discuss with you today. The meanings of and differences between INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION.

Am I (or anyone else for that matter) capable of INSPIRING other people? YES, I would say. Just look at the life, work and speeches of Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Barack Obama, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden and thousands of others.

Am I (or anyone else) capable of MOTIVATING others? I would say after much thought NO.

The dictionary definition of INSPIRATION is ‘someone or something that gives you ideas for doing something.’

The definition of MOTIVATION is ‘enthusiasm for doing something.’

I fundamentally believe that Inspiration comes from an external source and Motivation from an internal one. Inspiration is the initial spark or flame required to start a fire and motivation is the continued refueling of that same fire.

Many things inspire us – people, music, events, films, sports, books and magazines to name a few. What we see for a week every year after the London Marathon, Wimbledon and the Tour de France is the result of INSPIRATION. What we are left with two weeks after the same events is MOTIVATION or a lack of. Where do the 90% of runners, tennis players and cyclists go after the initial spark of inspiration has gone out?

Motivation is an individual and personal thing and we all have a responsibility to MOTIVATE ourselves. I have heard people discussing work in the past saying stupid things like “I don’t enjoy my job, my boss doesn’t motivate me!” TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE AND RESULTS! If we expect others to motivate us we will be waiting an awfully long time.

The Unique Results Vision is:

‘To inspire, educate & motivate individuals, families & communities towards huge advances in health, fitness & wellbeing – and to have FUN doing it!’

In truth and on reflection, can we inspire? YES. Can we educate? YES and if we provide the first two then the fire of motivation has been ignited but it is each individuals responsibility to keep it burning.

Yours in health,

James St Pierre