James St Pierre

Founder, Problem Solver, Trainer, Cleaner, Optimist.

James has worked full time in the health & fitness industry for over 25 years. He started Unique Results in August 2007 & has steered its direction ever since.He is the co-host of the weekly podcast ‘Health Oddity’ & the creator of ‘The Strong You Project’ as well as a full time trainer at UR, husband to Steph & daddy to Bella & Xander. James lives all things health, wellbeing & fitness & has a passion for personal development, strength, coaching & constant improvement. His goal is to still be travelling, training & snowboarding in his 80s. 


Nikki Fischr

Personal Trainer & Group Class Instructor

Nikki has been part of the Unique Results team since 2013, having been a member herself for 5 years prior to this.

Nikki took her love of training to the next level and qualifed as a Spin Instructor and then Personal Trainer in 2017. She has continued her journey in becoming a Purestretch Instructor and more recently a nutritional coach with Precision Nutrition.

Nikki has a passion for stretching and mobility and is continually developing her knowledge in these areas to help our members and her 1-2-1 clients.


Steph St Pierre

Admin Wizard

Steph works alongside the training team at Unique Results to ensure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Steph deals with phone calls, emails, membership enquiries, bookings and any technical issues that may arise once members are a part of the community. If there are any issues with booking classes, payments or any aspect of your experience that need addressing she’s the one to help. Steph also takes the lead in planning our annual events including the walking weekend and ski trip. She also has the dubious privilege of being married to James.


Russ Thorington

Personal Trainer & Group Class Instructor

In his time working as a personal trainer, Russ has worked with a wide variety of clients from retirees hiking up Kilimanjaro to professional sports people.

Russ knows the biggest challenge to most people is walking through the door to the gym. He tries to make every session enjoyable and challenging.

He enjoys watching his clients grow in confidence and develop skills within the gym and the impact that can  have outside of the gym.

Tom Sherwin

Tom Sherwin

Personal Trainer & Group Class Instructor

Tom joined the team in October 2023 and currently does Personal Training, Circuits & Pure Strength. He loves training the members & gets inspired by them every session.

He has been training all of his adult life & has tried most things such as Bodyweight Workouts, Kettlebells, CrossFit, and more recently Powerlifting & Strongman. He also competes & coaches both Powerlifting & Strongman.

After 16 years working a corporate job, he decided to have a career change in 2021, qualifying as a Personal Trainer. Aside from coaching Powerlifting & Strongman, he also works with a range of PT clients, from parents at school, to his own parents who are in their 70s!

Carl Easton

Group Class Instructor

Details Coming Soon




Established in 2007, Unique Results has grown from a small, one room studio to a 5,000 square foot facility offering a wide range of services whilst still retaining its original, personal family atmosphere. Its founder, James St Pierre, set out to create something very different from the usual intimidating, impersonal health clubs that so often fail to help people achieve their goals. With the help of his small team, together they have created a warm and friendly environment where everyone knows your name. A little like ‘Cheers’™ only far healthier.

The name ‘Unique Results’™ really sums up what the business is about. Each person is treated as an individual and every effort is made to ensure you’re given the training experience you want and need. We know many of our members feel our service ticks all of the boxes which is why our ongoing retention is far higher than the industry standards. Our clients become members, our members become friends and they all get unique results in the process.

Unique Results has always been and will always be committed to your continuous improvement with constant re-investment to provide the highest possible level of individual service to our members.