1stAugust 2021 marks 14 years in business for Unique Results (Chelmsford’s longest established independent training studio/gym).

In that time we’ve seen a lot of changes within the health and fitness industry and also within our town (now City) of Chelmsford. The landscape has changed, the population has increased, the choice of places for people to exercise and train has increased substantially and at the same time so (it would seem) has confusion around what is the best way to train, eat and live to lead a healthy, strong, energetic and vibrant life (and even if there is one ‘best’ way?).

It is my hope that if you read this article you will clearly know what we are about and you will either be turned on to the possibility of working with us or turned off to working with us (and both opinions are absolutely perfect). Turned on = I like the sound of these guys, they’re talking my language, I like what they’ve got to say and I think they may be able to help me.

Turned off = what a load of rubbish, I’m perfectly happy where I am or I’ve seen somewhere else in the town which is far more up my street and appeals to where I am right now.

You see the crux of this whole piece can be summed up by one word – CLARITY.

It’s getting clear about who we are, who we want to work with, how we want to work with them, what we want to help them with and most importantly what we are creating. Hopefully through reading this it will help you gain clarity as well and if we’re not right for you, you may have a better idea of what is.

Group stretch

The population of Chelmsford is now about 170,000. Unique Results works with a maximum of 200 people (0.18%). That’s it. So we’re not talking to 99.82% of Chelmsford residents. Very soon you’ll know if you’re one of the 200 we are talking to – or not (we already have about 150 members so in reality are only looking for another 50).

Clarity of purpose

One of the best things about being Chelmsford’s longest established studio is that over the 14 years we’ve worked with many hundreds of members (a number who have been with us for the whole time) and also quite a number of trainers as well (again, some who have been with us for many years) and it’s given us the opportunity through vast experience (both good and bad) to really know and understand who it is we want to work with (in terms of members) and also, who it is we want to work with (in terms of our training team).

At the moment we’ve hit the perfect balance. But it’s taken 14 years to get there.

Our ideal member either has never been a member of any other gym/studio/health club (because they don’t think ‘it’s for them’) or has tried once or twice before and maybe has had a bad experience – been looked at a certain way (by staff or other members), ignored, not been made to feel welcome, not got the results they were hoping for and were left to get on with it and fend for themselves – and ultimately left, feeling like a failure.

Our ideal member is over 40 years of age and wants to feel, look and be healthy. They want to be strong and mobile and move well. Not to be stiff and in pain and also want to carry themselves with confidence and pride – but not become arrogant or a show off. Our ideal member has empathy and respect for others.


Our ideal member is supportive and encouraging of their fellow members and realises that being part of a community where everyone is striving to improve themselves (no matter where they are starting from) creates a powerful culture of personal responsibility and a ‘can do’ attitude amongst their peers.

If this sounds like you please read on. If it doesn’t please feel free to stop reading.

Clarity of mission

Another one of the benefits of being successful for 14 years is that we’ve refined our mission and learned to communicate it more clearly (to both our team, community and prospective members). Our mission is what we come to work for every day and why our team has so much passion for doing what we do:

‘Unique Results exists to provide a supportive and passionate community for men and women over 40. We help them unlock their potential and FEEL healthy, LOOK healthy and BE healthy with fun, likeminded people.’

Clarity of values

Our values are what are important to us. Things that we believe in and things that we are striving for. Over the last 12 years we have gradually whittled down our values to just 4 (from about 15) which really encapsulate what we are about and how we aim to live and conduct ourselves on a daily basis. Our values are important for our team and also for our members and clearly let people know what is at the heart of our community.

  • Strive to be the best
  • Genuinely care
  • Create a place people love to be
  • Lifestyle not a job

Clarity of training principles

Training methods vary and approaches may differ from member to member depending on where that individual is starting from and what their individual goals are BUT our training principles underpin everything that we do and are universal.


We have 6 training principles that as a business and a coaching team we adhere to and rely on to produce consistent results for our clients. These 6 training principles underpin everything we do and form the basis and structure for all of our programming of classes and private sessions.

I will be writing a series of 6 articles explaining each of our training principles in more detail (for those that are interested) but here they are in summary:

  • It’s not about you, it’s about them
  • The body is one piece
  • Move well, move often
  • Consistency beats intensity
  • Do less, better
  • Fundamental human movements

Clarity of method

The final piece of the puzzle is what really sets us apart. We have 14 years of direct experience (and I had 8 years prior to starting Unique Results) of working with our truly unique community. In short, we know what works AND what doesn’t work for the group of people we currently work with and who we want to work with more in the future. To recap, they are;

‘People over 40 who hate gyms, are out of shape, are neglected by the typical gym and health club marketing machine. They recognise that they need help and coaching to get where they want to – which is to FEEL healthy, LOOK healthy & BE healthy. To regain (or possible gain for the first time) confidence, energy and a passion for life and to move well, move often and feel unrestricted by pain and discomfort.’

If you’re still reading, and this sounds like you, congratulations!

We realize that for the people described above (people like you), just signing up to a gym and getting on with it on your own doesn’t work.

You need more help, more guidance, more coaching, more accountability, more community, in short – more care.

That’s why at UR we work with our members one of two main ways. 1 to 1 Personal Training and also Semi-Private training (1 trainer working with a very small group of up to 4) and we supplement these main sessions with a variety of small group classes (usually capped at a max of 8-15 people per session).


That’s it.

We don’t offer couples discounts, family memberships, student discounts, holiday special offers etc. Our members value the service we provide. We offer 2 main memberships and the reason why we do that is because IT WORKS for our members – past, present and future.

An invitation

If you want to find out more about getting involved with Unique Results and what you have read so far resonates with you then please visit www.uniqueresults.co.uk we take on a max of 5 new members to our 28 Day Foundations Programme each calendar month. If you’re right for us (and we’re right for you) we’d love to work with you and help you improve your life and FEEL healthy, LOOK healthy & BE healthy.